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Build Maine Wrap Up

Build Maine

MaineASLA joined Milone + MacBroome (Regina Leonard, ASLA), Sebago Technics (Kylie Mason, ASLA) and TJD+A Landscape Architects with our own booth at the Build Maine conference in Lewiston on June 9th.  All who attended called the conference a success.  Here are some of the reasons why:

MaineASLA Booth

The MaineASLA booth displayed a large board featuring stunning images of ASLA member projects with the central theme, “This is Landscape Architecture”.  Hand out materials included information on Equality in Practice for Licensed Landscape Architects as well as an informational visual downloaded from the ASLA website on the importance of green infrastructure and the role of landscape architects.  Finally, we featured and promoted why Maine landscape architects are the best team members and project leaders for SITESv2 rating system projects in Maine.


  •  Ann Sussman’s cognitive architecture-based talk on design was thought provoking and sparked conversations on the applicability to landscape architectural design, project illustrations, promotional materials.  Stay tuned, more on that and facial recognition software research to come!

Here are some paraphrased observations and standout quotes noted by your LA peers that attended the Build Maine talks:

  • “Adapt your public process to the place just like you would design based on context”
  • “Check out the OECD Forum’s designation titled:  The 21st Century: The Age of Biology,“  good news for LA’s!
  • “Man is man’s greatest joy” (referring to one reason why LA’s should strive to include people in our illustrations and project photographs).
  • “Donald Shoup’s (Research Professor, UCLA) talk about how cities could strategically regulate parking to encourage desirable development made me think.”
  • “I like Build Maine given the scale which encourages more personal/professional interactions. The people who attend Build Maine are committed to good design and community oriented solutions”.

Consider supporting Build Maine’s efforts throughout the year with a donation.   Also there will be future opportunities to sponsor a company booth,  booth, help out with MaineASLA’s booth, and attend in 2018.  This is a great opportunity to help MaineASLA’s efforts to be “loud and proud” about landscape architecture, show your community design and collaboration successes, network!