UPDATE: Katahdin Woods and Waters Management Planning Process


This past June, the National Park Service held three planning meetings as part of its process to determine future management of the 87,500 acres that comprise the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument. The meetings were held in three Maine towns; Soldiertown, Brewer, and South Portland. Presentations by Tim Hudson (NPS Superintendent for KWWNM) and members of the planning team reviewed the results of prior listening sessions and provided an overview of the management framework. Following presentations, attendees were broken into smaller groups and asked to consider the work completed and offer comments and concerns. The planning and design team—comprised of The Musson Group (Southwest Harbor, ME) and TJD&A (Yarmouth, ME)—will be working on revisions to the plan over the next several months and plans to have another series of public meetings in the fall. Information on the meetings will be disseminated by the Park Service and the NGOs; Natural Resources Council of Maine, Maine Audubon, and Friends of KWWNM.

For an overview of the planning process, the draft materials that were presented at the June meetings, and news about upcoming meetings (when the dates/locations have been decided), visit: https://www.nps.gov/kaww/getinvolved/planning.htm

The Park Service is actively seeking public comment and feedback on a recently released draft management framework that outlines policies for protecting the Monument’s ecological, cultural, and recreational resources. To comment, write to Tim Hudson, the Park Service Supervisor for KWWNM at: KAWW_Superintendent@nps.gov

To sign up for the KWW E-news, fill out the inquiry form in the “Next Steps” section at the following link: https://www.nps.gov/kaww/getinvolved/planning.htm

Image: National Park Service

Image: National Park Service