MaineASLA Chapter Formation – Part 2: Why do it, anyway?

The root question here is: “Why should I join a professional organization?” In this case, that organization is the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) which had its start in 1899. Go to the ASLA website,  Member Benefits page and see for yourself the many valuable attributes of our profession’s national organization.

We have summarized a few benefits here that motivate us, and hopefully will inspire you as well. Without your support a Maine Chapter cannot succeed.  We are stronger as a group, rather than as isolated practitioners: 

  • Advancing the profession: Through public outreach, information, and advocacy, letting the world know the function and value you offer as a Landscape Architect while increasing your visibility.

  • Advancing the professional: Through continuing education, and interaction with allied professions, keeping you current in your practice, making you a more effective Landscape Architect.

  • Interacting with and supporting fellow professionals: Through networking and social opportunities, fostering collegiality and supporting you as a Landscape Architect in the community of your peers.

The underscoring tenet of any organization of this nature is that the community provides value greater than just the sum of its parts. Come join the Chapter Planning Workshop on June 9 (free, breakfast and lunch included!) as we explore this exciting next “chapter” for landscape architecture in Maine!

Please RSVP to Amy Segal at to help facilitate our planning for this event.