Results for Bramhall Design Competition

The Bramhall Square Ideas Competition has a winner (with a second place and two runner-ups)!

Each of the 13 submissions inspired the judges to think creatively about how
to best transform the tiny, complicated parcel adjacent to multiple roadways on an
extremely steep slope – in a way that will help catalyze further interest and energy in the site.

Entrants paid close attention to use of materials, relationship to adjacent parcels,
buildings and roadways, potential for gathering at multiple scales, and
buildability. One design stood out with a very close second, and two runner-ups
were selected for the fun, whimsy and desired atmosphere of the space.

First Place: WBRC Architects - Engineers

The jury felt this proposal handled the complexity of the site extremely
well – from safe buffering of the heavily trafficked intersection, storm-water
run-off and use of vegetation, and creative platforms for multi-generational
activities at various times of day.

Second Place: Terrence J. DeWan and Associates

The jury felt the integration of vegetation, amphitheater seating, the bus shelter,
and a platform for public art combined a myriad of programming elements at a very
accessible scale.

Honorable Mention: John Gutwin / Pepperchrome

The judges felt this proposal exquisitely rendered the atmosphere and sense of place that was being sought.

Honorable Mention: Chris Miller
The jury delighted in this whimsical proposal with larger-than-life sculptural stone picnicking bears that encourages an iconic and playfully memorable quality.

Many thanks go out to all entrants, sponsors, coordinators, the City of Portland, and advisors from Maine ASLA and the Portland Society for Architecture.


All entries and information can be viewed at: