Maine’s National Scenic Byways Improvements

Maine’s National Scenic Byways Improvements

In 2018, head out onto Maine’s National Scenic Byways and find new landscape features at many of the scenic turnouts.  For the last several years MaineDOT landscape architect Larry Johannesman, ASLA has worked with local scenic byway groups implementing National Scenic Byway grants for improving transportation infrastructure on Maine’s scenic byways.

Rangeley Lakes National Scenic Byway (Routes 4 & 17)

At Height of Land Overlook in the Rangeley area, check out the sidewalk improvements, an Appalachian Trail stone monument with a Myron Avery plaque, new conservation themed interpretive signage and metal kiosk with a byway map showing nearby conservation areas for day use.   The Noyes Overlook on Route 17 has a new simpler look.  A wood guardrail within a planted area will separate people from cars and a new timber frame kiosk will feature a sign highlighting iconic people from the area’s sport fishing heritage.

Old Canada Road National Scenic Byway (Route 201)

Rest area improvements and new multi-use trails were completed along the Old Canada Road last year.   A restroom, ADA trails and new interpretive signage can be found at the Robbins Hill Scenic Area in Solon.   Multi-use trails were completed along the Dead River and Kennebec River in The Forks.  New timber frame kiosks, interpretive signage, and benches were added to several other rest areas from Solon, ME to the Canadian border.


Schoodic National Scenic Byway Routes (1 & 186)

Interactive outdoor exhibits were created at seven beautiful sites along the byway for a Kid’s Quest Program.  Children and parents can explore these byway locations and learn about the local history and culture.  For example, a small play lobster boat with illustrated lobster fishing signage allows visitors to learn how lobstermen work.  The other sites feature exhibits about tides, granite quarrying and mud flats.  In Prospect Harbor, the Town of Gouldsboro created a new small waterfront park at the end of the byway.