BAYSIDE ADAPTS: Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Aceto Landscape Architects -- the winners of the Bayside Adapts Design Challenge!

We received five submissions for the design challenge, all of which presented innovative approaches to making Bayside a resilient neighborhood in the face of rising seas and increasing amounts of stormwater.  The City of Portland sincerely thanks each of the design teams for their work on this project.  All of the designs will inform the Bayside Adapts Working Group, City staff, and community members throughout Bayside Adapts, Phase I, which involves developing a better understanding of the existing infrastructure in the neighborhood and developing guiding principles for future adaptation work.  The inspiring designs demonstrate that Bayside can become an even more vibrant neighborhood if we prepare thoughtfully for future challenges.

Event Details
: May 3
Where: Rines Auditorium, Portland Public Library



3 PM: Judges view Design Challenge Submissions
4 PM: Public viewing of Design Challenge Submissions
6 PM: Bayside Adapts Public Forum -- Discussion of Design Challenge Submissions & Presentation by Julie Wormser of Boston Harbor Now on resiliency planning on the Boston waterfront
7:30: Announce the winner of the Design Challenge and present the $1000 prize.

Submitals to the Design Challenge - See documents below to view the entries
mbla + Canal 5 Studio
Aceto Landscape Architects
Alyssa Phanitdasack
Bild Architecture
Soren Deniord Design Studio + Kaplan Thomspon Architects

Jeff Levine, Director of Planning and Urban Development, City of Portland
Julie Wormser, VP of Policy and Planning, Boston Harbor Now
Shafaq Choudry, Senior Associate, Center for City Solutions, National League of Cities
Addy Reiman, Portland Society for Architecture, Co-chair of the Advocacy Committee