Are You Proud to Practice in Maine?

If your answer is Yes! and if you believe that Maine Registered Landscape Architects’ work deserves more recognition both in-state and on the national front, then you agree that it is high time for Maine to become an official Chapter of ASLA.

Maine is a currently a Section of the Boston Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects which is a source of confusion for Maine LA’s,  clients, and our professional peers.

Amy Bell Segal, ASLA (TJD&A) recently attended the ASLA Annual Chapter Meeting in Los Angeles (Note: This trip was financed by dues through BSLA.)  .  Amy went with an open mind because there was not consensus on whether forming a Chapter was the right thing for Maine LA’s.  Everyone appreciates that it takes a dedicated group of members and funds to sustain a successful Chapter and we are not necessarily sure we have the commitment and support within our group. 

After meeting with other ASLA Chapter representatives and ASLA staff, some key questions were answered.  Specifically, how would Maine landscape architects benefit from becoming a Chapter?  Does ASLA provide real support that would help promote Maine LA’s here, nationally and globally?

You can read more about why we are starting to warm to the idea here. (read more hyperlink to website)


·        Clarity and status:  We would no longer need to say we are the “Maine Section of the Boston Chapter of ASLA”. We would have our own Maine identity which strengthens our presence among allied professionals especially as we pursue equality in practice throughout the state and pursue event collaborations.

·        More money stays here: Becoming our own chapter will likely increase ASLA membership within our state and the resulting chapter dues will remain in Maine.  

·        Licensure: Being our own chapter will provide a stronger Maine base for defending licensure in the future when needed.

·        Sponsorships for events that support Maine LA’s: Being our own chapter allows/encourages us to solicit our own sponsorships for events, website, newsletter, etc. Money from sponsorships would allow us to support programs for our local membership and promote our profession statewide.

·        National voice: Increased representation within National ASLA, with Presidents and President –Elects attending Chapter Council Meetings at Annual and Spring Meetings.

·        ASLA support: Increased assistance from National ASLA with access to more resources for outreach, legislative advocacy, building membership, developing sponsorships, event/programming ideas, and being a LACES provider.

·        Potential for New England ASLA group events for CEU’s and recognition: Being our own chapter allows us to consider collaborating/merging with New Hampshire and Vermont to create a Northern New England ASLA Chapter like NNECAPA, with potential for cost-sharing on PR and events.  How does a “NNE-ASLA” annual conference sound?