ASLA membership benefits for Maine LA’s

All of us grapple with the cost of ASLA membership and whether it has value for us as Landscape Architects with Maine-based practices. Paying into a Boston-based Chapter (Maine is a Section of the Boston ASLA Chapter), can be hard to justify.  Probably the most often heard phrase about the cost of ASLA/BSLA membership is, “That is a lot of money for a magazine.”  So that is why we are taking the time here to give you a peek at some of the ‘Maine’ reasons to join or renew your membership.

·       There is power in numbers. The larger the group of Maine ASLA members, the more funds are available (and ASLA staff resources) to support critical efforts like licensure, MaineASLA website and social media efforts (eg., ASLA dues pay for our website).  ASLA dues also provide members with access to the BSLA and ASLA Awards and Fellowship recognition programs.

·       Have you checked out the Find a Landscape Architect” page on the MaineASLA website?  Because the MaineASLA website is supported by ASLA member dues, only ASLA members and affiliates are listed.  It is a Who’s Who list, and tells potential clients and other professionals that you are a proud member of an important profession. 

·       Have you checked out the MaineASLA homepage?  We publish images of ASLA member’s work for the world to see.  These will be updated on a semi-yearly basis.  The images are powerful and are another way to promote your professional project work to a larger audience.

·       Professional development:  If you own a business, consider financial support for your employees’ dues.  It sends a message that you value professional development and your employees.

·       Do you wonder how you might promote your work or your company to a larger national audience?  ASLA membership provides those opportunities.  Contact us at to find out more.

We are building a solid group of people who are participating in our bi-weekly leadership calls who see the benefit of sharing ideas, finding out about events, and working together on initiatives to raise awareness around our profession.  (Note: You don’t have to be a member to participate in the calls or any MaineASLA events).

If you are still deciding, or ready to up your professional collaboration game, reach out by email, or come to a MaineASLA Social (our Holiday Social is on 12/14 at Rhum in Portland, 5-7 pm) and we can answer your questions.

As a group we get the most benefit if you join early in the year so the full amount of your dues get applied to our efforts.  Here is the link to membership options!